Injustice Ultimate Edition – Bargain of the Month

Posted on April 30, 2014 at 11:34 pm

There are many different games on the market that have come down significantly in price, but one of the biggest reductions is Injustice Ultimate Edition. This is a game that many people will enjoy; it allows you to fight as one of your favourite superheroes, whether it’s Batman, Superman, Aqua man, Green Arrow or Wonder Women among others.

You must master your characters unique moves to destroy super villains while each character has their own storyline to explore and fight through. This means that for a reasonable price you get a great deal of benefits. The different storyline version make the game long-lasting and it’s not the type of game you can fully complete in one night.

Graphics are nice, character actions are believable and the game is available on both next gen consoles. This game really is worth a buy at its current price, and it has received generally favourable reviews.

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