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Finding games for Christmas

Posted on December 15, 2018 at 10:45 am

If you have a PlayStation 4 then there is no need to have to play games on your own this Christmas. Christmas is often a time when people like to spend time with their family and often the same old board games come out that have been played for years. With technology advancing, you no longer need to fill up your cupboards with games as many of them, classic or new games can be downloaded on to your PlayStation 4 console. Historically if you wanted to play any multiplayer game you with either need to have another controller or some games allow you to pass the controller over to the other person. This meant that you would need to purchase an additional controller and even then, only one other person could play a game that requires you to both play at the same time.
PlayStation recently released a number of games under the new PlayLink category. This allows you to download apps from the app store on to your smart device and use them as a controller. This also allows for a whole new way of game play as you can now have screens showing different content throughout the game. Over the past 6 months more and more PlayStation Link games have been added to the collection. If you are looking for something fun then Frantics is a great m containing a number of mini games to play against each other. If general knowledge is your thing then Knowledge is Power is perfect and has the added bonus of humour.

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