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Fallout 4 Comes into the Virtual Reality World

Posted on December 21, 2017 at 12:26 pm

Fallout 4 has now been released for VR. It is currently available to play on the HTC Vive headset, brought to users by Bethesda. Whilst there are plans to release it on other consoles in future, this is the only option at the moment. But it works brilliantly well, and players are not disappointed.

The story is the same – a post-apocalyptic world set in the Wasteland, with the player as the protagonist trying to save the world. It is no easy task and you must fight for survival every step of the way.

The Wasteland is one of the reasons why this game, in particular, works well for VR. It is an enormous space and this translates well into the medium of virtual reality. You will be able to look around and feel completely immersed in the setting.

Fallout 4 is already popular and has won many awards, like the BAFTA Game of the Year. VR gives it a whole new element and works really well.

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