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Finally A Mobile Game Version of Mario is Releasing!

Posted on September 14, 2016 at 4:14 pm

After years of pleading with Nintendo, Mario fans can finally get their wish… Super Mario is coming to Apple and Android smartphones and it’s going to be an official release!

The new embrace of Nintendo for the iPhone is years overdue. As the Japanese tech company had stubbornly resisted porting their most significant assets to mobile phones. Nintendo hoped that it could still convince tech fans to purchase Nintendo devices.

However, the fact that the Japanese tech company hasn’t unleashed a new Mario action video game since 2013, Nintendo intended to let gamers know that it is the new Super Mario. The video game seems to be well-designed for the iPhone interface.

The investors of the “Super Mario Run” claimed that the video game will be sensational. Considering the size of the installed base, “Super Mario Run” has the potential to be the most-played Mario game ever. The video game is putting the tech company where its audience lives, Wired┬áreported.

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