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Gaming Addiction

Posted on November 25, 2015 at 8:04 pm

A video game can take over certain people’s lives, and whether it’s because they want to unlock a certain level, or the individual is just having too much fun, gaming can cause serious addictions. You may have shrugged it off when news stories have appeared in the past, but this is a serious problem.

When you’re gaming you should think about the time you’ve spent playing a game. Time definitely goes by a lot quicker when you’re playing video games, but it could be beneficial to have little breaks every once in a while. Every gamer is different, and some will play for a couple of hours a day, others may play once every month, but for that one day they’re literally going to play it all day.

Each person varies, and no matter how much we love video games, and we do… It’s important to break up gaming, especially if you’re finding yourself playing it a bit too much.

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